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Showing the CLI off the caller during voicemail playback?


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Well, when you are using the apps there are a lot of possibilities, including showing the caller-ID, the length of the message and even the transcription. I assume you are talking about a VoIP phone? Many phones are able to update the display during the call, however the question is if users could get confused when they see that number and the change backfires?

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Yeah, this was on a VoIP phone.

Maybe it could be a toggle in the tenancies Voicemail settings? I would imagine that it would be the type of setting that a customer would want on all phones or not at all.

The caller-ID could also potentially be prefixed with "VM (X/Y)", with X/y representing message # of total.

P.S. Some transcription in the web app would be pretty cool though.

P.S.S. I've also just done some research into Yealink's XML browser stuff, so I'm going down a bit of a rabbit hole there too now.

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