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Provisioning n+1 devices per extension


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We're using SRAPS to initialize our Snom devices with the address of our Vodia PBX. Several of our employees have multiple devices (e.g. Office, Home Office).

Until recently, we ran an old version of the PBX where we just configured the devices' MAC addresses separated by space.

After upgrading to v67.0.5, this doesn't work anymore - only the first MAC address is recognized.

I tried removing the second one and using the + button to add it again, but nothing happens when I click the Add button.

Neither under Extensions > [ext] > Provisioning nor under Advanced > VoIP Phones > Add VoIP phone.

Now, what's the correct way to provision multiple devices per extension in a current version?

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That was and is the correct way. However due to the expiry of the LetsEncrypt certificate last month and many snom phones running firmware that don't have the new certificate there is a lot of trouble in this space. Can you check if the records in SRAPS are like what you would expect? Also, can you check if the firmware that you are using on the phones is recent? 

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Sigh, I just wrote a lengthy post including redacted screenshots, only to realize that when I got to the point where it didn't work yesterday, it suddenly does 🤔

Just for completeness, when I opened an extension with n+1 MAC addresses for MAC based provisioning and accessed https://vpbx.mydomain.com/prov/snom370-0004132E0000.htm, that only worked for the first MAC address - now it works for all of them again. Thanks for the response anyway!

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