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JSONS CDR DDI/DID Call not showing correct Info


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I have enabled capturing of CDR using jsons and that works great. However looking at the data contained for the different types of calls, does not look correct.

For inbound calls that are direct DDI/DID calls, answered by the extension, I have noticed the following:

LocalParty - shows the name assigned to the extension, not the extension number, as suggested in the documentation.

Type - is attendant, as this is a DDI/DID call, should this not be 'extension'. What are the different options for his fields - they are not documented.

Extension - is blank, but the call was answered by the extension, should this not be populated? (This field is also empty when an outbound call is made from the extension)

At the moment, I have only tested and am interested in direct inbound and outbound calls, but will be testing calls via IVR and Ring Groups and checking those records as well.

If you could provide more detailed documentation, that would be great, as I intend sending this data into a Multi-Tenant Call Logging/Accounting solution.

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