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Fanvil X4G Button Setup


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I am testing out a Fanvil X4G, which has been upgraded to the latest firmware. The phone all registers fine, however the following are not working:

1. This phone has a secondary display, for the DSS buttons, which I can configure in the normal way - going into the extension and selecting the button option. I can setup the first page of the DSS screen in this way and the buttons appear OK, however if I define a button on the second page in the extensions as in the screenshot below:



This overwrites the first button on the first page (FK-1 1).

Also the button to change pages only shows 1 page being available. However if I change the 'FuncKey Page Num' option in the fanvil.txt config file then the button shows 2 pages and flicks between them. However the display still does not show the first key on the second page. Do you have an updated fanvil.txt file for the X4G or does anyone have a document which lists the format and settings of fanvil.txt?

2. No custom image is displayed on the phone - just showing the default fanvil image. I'm guessing this is another option that needs to be setup in the fanvil.txt?

I did try provisioning with the fanvil-sysconf.xml, but the phone just did not provision at all, so assuming it will only work with the fanvil.txt

Any advice much appreciated.


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An addition to my comments above.....

I have found that the fanvil.txt just allows you to change/customise the phone settings, but the button profile I think is hardcoded.

The Fanvil X4/X4G allows upto 5 pages of keys, which is 30 buttons in total, the max that can currently be configured are twelve. So guessing this needs to be looked at as well.

Has anyone else come across the same issue? Even perhaps with another phone model?


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Just tried version 68.0.7-beta, but still the same result. I configured button FK2-4, which should have displayed on the second screen of the display, but instead, all of the buttons on the first screen (FK1-1 to FK1-6) disappeared and FK2-4 was shown on the first page. 

Can't see the option to add buttons to the FK3, FK4, and FK5 screens either. Just can see the 2 sets of buttons.

Do I need to do anything else to make this change effective?

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I have tried resetting, the difference is now all the keys are shown on the first screen, including one defined on the second screen. The existing ones are not removed.  Not sure if it helps, but looking at the config file on the phone, the FKeys are labelled 1 - 30, with each page showing 6, so I am guessing that if I define a button on the second screen it should be configured under FKeys 7 - 12, but it seems at the moment keys defined under FK2 are appearing under keys 1 -6 on the phone.

Here is the section from the phone config (names have been removed)

--Function Key--   :
Fkey1 Type         :1
Fkey1 Value        :3502@1/bc*87
Fkey1 Title        :3502 
Fkey2 Type         :1
Fkey2 Value        :3503@1/bc*87
Fkey2 Title        :3503 
Fkey3 Type         :1
Fkey3 Value        :3599@1/bc*87
Fkey3 Title        :3599 
Fkey4 Type         :1
Fkey4 Value        :07768xxxxxx@1/f
Fkey4 Title        :A Speed Dial
Fkey5 Type         :3
Fkey5 Value        :F_LDAP@1
Fkey5 Title        :Phonebook
Fkey6 Type         :1
Fkey6 Value        :*973501@1/bc
Fkey6 Title        :Voicemail
Fkey7 Type         :0
Fkey7 Value        :
Fkey7 Title        :
Fkey8 Type         :0
Fkey8 Value        :
Fkey8 Title        :
Fkey9 Type         :0
Fkey9 Value        :
Fkey9 Title        :
Fkey10 Type        :0
Fkey10 Value       :
Fkey10 Title       :
Fkey11 Type        :0
Fkey11 Value       :
Fkey11 Title       :
Fkey12 Type        :0
Fkey12 Value       :
Fkey12 Title       :
Fkey13 Type        :0
Fkey13 Value       :
Fkey13 Title       :
Fkey14 Type        :0
Fkey14 Value       :
Fkey14 Title       :
Fkey15 Type        :0
Fkey15 Value       :
Fkey15 Title       :
Fkey16 Type        :0
Fkey16 Value       :
Fkey16 Title       :
Fkey17 Type        :0
Fkey17 Value       :
Fkey17 Title       :
Fkey18 Type        :0
Fkey18 Value       :
Fkey18 Title       :
Fkey19 Type        :0
Fkey19 Value       :
Fkey19 Title       :
Fkey20 Type        :0
Fkey20 Value       :
Fkey20 Title       :
Fkey21 Type        :0
Fkey21 Value       :
Fkey21 Title       :
Fkey22 Type        :0
Fkey22 Value       :
Fkey22 Title       :
Fkey23 Type        :0
Fkey23 Value       :
Fkey23 Title       :
Fkey24 Type        :0
Fkey24 Value       :
Fkey24 Title       :
Fkey25 Type        :0
Fkey25 Value       :
Fkey25 Title       :
Fkey26 Type        :0
Fkey26 Value       :
Fkey26 Title       :
Fkey27 Type        :0
Fkey27 Value       :
Fkey27 Title       :
Fkey28 Type        :0
Fkey28 Value       :
Fkey28 Title       :
Fkey29 Type        :0
Fkey29 Value       :
Fkey29 Title       :
Fkey30 Type        :0
Fkey30 Value       :
Fkey30 Title       :
Fkey31 Type        :0
Fkey31 Value       :
Fkey31 Title       :
Fkey32 Type        :0
Fkey32 Value       :
Fkey32 Title       :
Fkey33 Type        :0
Fkey33 Value       :
Fkey33 Title       :
Fkey34 Type        :0
Fkey34 Value       :
Fkey34 Title       :
Fkey35 Type        :0
Fkey35 Value       :
Fkey35 Title       :
Fkey36 Type        :0
Fkey36 Value       :
Fkey36 Title       :
Fkey37 Type        :0
Fkey37 Value       :
Fkey37 Title       :
Fkey38 Type        :0
Fkey38 Value       :
Fkey38 Title       :
Fkey39 Type        :0
Fkey39 Value       :
Fkey39 Title       :


I think FKey4, should be against FKey10 - I defined it against FK-2 4 on the buttons screen

Would you also be able to enable/add the remaining FK-3, FK-4 and FK-5 to the button screen to allow all 30 buttons to be defined?

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I think that is what the issue is. I tried using the fanvil-sysconf.xml to provision the phone, but it would not work with that. So I had to use the fanvil.txt as the config file for the phone to provision. I have updated the phone to the latest firmware from the fanvil site.

So I am guessing that you will probably need to make the same changes to the fanvil.txt config file.

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