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Scheduled Conference Email Modification


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I am using v68.0.7 and have setup a scheduled conference room (401) and assign a DDI to it. On the email that is sent out, when a conference is scheduled, it just shows in the location, the account number 401, which for someone accessing the conference externally would not work, ideally I would want to show the DDI number in the location.

In the email body all that is shown is "Your invitation to the audio conference PWT - Test Conf 3 in conference room PWT Conference Bridge." with no Conference pin etc.

Where would I modify the conference email? I have tried customising the email_conference.txt but still get the above message and not the message I have setup. Is there something else I need to do?

One other thing that might be worth looking into is the ability to add people into the conference, I know you could forward the invite, but might be a nice feature to add people and just send an invite to the added people.

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The conference email is special in a way that it contains the calendar.ics attachment. The content itself is in a single translation item dom_conf#emailbody. By default it contains "Your invitation to the audio conference {name} in conference room {room}."

The attachment is stored in the template email_conference.txt.

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