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FlyingVoice SoftKey and LineKey Buttons


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I am currently testing the FIP13G and notice that there is no option on the buttons page to customise the SoftKeys. There are 4 softkeys on the phone, by default are mapped to History, Directory, DND and Menu. Is this something that can be added? 

Line Keys:

The line key buttons assignments work fine, however, if say there are 4 line keys assigned, when the 4th one is removed, the change is not reflected on the phone. 

I have rebooted the phone and when I log into the phones web config, I notice that the 4th line still remains there. The only way for me to remove it, is to either factory reset the phone and re-provision, or manually remove from the phones config page. I think the way around would be to make sure all the line keys are configured, and those that are not configured/assigned the line type value is set to N/A, which is the default setting. 

These options may need to be added to the other Flyingvoice phone models as well.


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The reason for the button not clearing is that the phone does not empty a button if we want to unset it through provisioning.

It keeps the old value.

We have reached out to FyingVoice regarding this and awaiting their response as to whether they need to fix it or should we do something different on the PBX side.

Note: For specific problems like these, it would be better if you opened a ticket with us, so that it can be tracked better internally. You can send an email to support@vodia.com.


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