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Outbound Calls

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Users are getting a Request Timeout on their displays and a busy signal beep when they make an outbound call. I have confirmed its not only certain extensions. Does PBX 58.0 work with WS2019? We recently upgraded from WS2012R2. There were no issues when on WS2012R2. We use a Sonicwall TZ 300. The PBX is installed on a VM.

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58 is a very old version and I would generally recommend to stick to a newer version, especially when there are such fundamental problems. That being said I doubt that the version is the problem. I would enable a PCAP on the trunk and then just look at when the traffic between the trunk and the PBX is looking like (PCAP is a feature that is not available in 58). Usually there is something that needs to be done on the firewall. 

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