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CS 410 not detecting call hang up


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I just purchased a CS 410 and am in the process of setting up and testing out. When I transfer a call from an outside line to someones voicemail box after the person hangs up the pbx does not free up the line. The only way I can free up the line is to unplug it from the CS 410 fxo port then plug it back in.

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Which country are you in? Disconnect is being signalled in different countries in a different way. Currently the software only support the USA style (I think it is impedance change). We are working on a version that supports also the other way (polarity reverse), but it is not released yet.

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Well, that should work. Is it the PSTN FXO or do you hang off a PBX trunk? In any case, I guess we need to provide a installer to upgrade the PSTN gateway on the box as we have made a couple of changes in this area.


I'm testing using an analog port on a panasonic dbs which could be the problem. I'll take it home tonight and test on my line there to see if it makes a difference.

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Works fine with a standard pstn line. ;)


You are missing a CPC signal from the Panasonic telephone system.


Most Panasonic telephone systems do not extend the CPC (Calling Party Control) disconnect signal to the analog station ports.


The CPC is a brief (Wink) open in the loop current when a disconnect has taken place.


You discovered this when you stated that the disconect only worked when you unplugged the line (PBX extension) from the CS 410.


If you plan to use it behind a PBX then you would need a CPC emulator device.


If you use the CS 410 with "normal" PSTN lines you get the CPC OK.



If you are technical to the extent of using an LED, connect one in series with the line (circuit) going to the CS 410.

It should light when the circuit is closed. (talking). If not then reverse the LED in the circuit.

When the call is completed you may be able to see a quick WINK OFF of the LED before the disconnect takes place.


Bill H

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