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installation problems


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I use Mac OS X 10.5.5 (Leopard) and pbxnsip 3.x.


When I install pbxnsip for the first time, I get msg "install failed" and on the second install, msg "install succeeded". but I have now installation in two different directories:


1. /Library/pbxnsip

2. /private/var/run/pbx


.. and pbxnsip does not start automatically. I can start pbx manually or wait for next server reboot, to start pbx automatically.


can someone check this or repair? I tested this on three different computers and it is the same.

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.. and why are't new audio prompts attached to installation of pbxnsip for mac?


I must download separated from install (but I did not know this, until today): http://pbxnsip.com/download/audio_en_30.zip


:blush: We are just not big experts on Mac installations... In a perfect world, the Mac installation would just run on a shell script; but we are not sure if that is an option.

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