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Trunks for tenants


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I've set up a Vodia PBX to get familiar with it. When providing trunks for tenants (or domains) that I've set up does the system expect the trunk to be created at the Administrator level then made available to the domain, or does each domain have to register it's own trunks? I'm asking because I don't see an option to create trunks at the admin level but it is there for the individual domains.

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There are essentially three ways to do this.

  • You can set up the trunk in the tenant and have the tenant see it and possibly also change it. It is simple, however has the risk that the tenant screws things up by pushing the wrong button.
  • You can set up the trunk in the tenant but block the tenant from seeing and modifying it. This has the advantage that the tenant admin cannot access the trunk and damage anything but in some cases, tenants feel locked out and would prefer to have full control.
  • You can set up "global" trunks in a separate tenant specifically for hosting all global trunks. Those trunks can be accessible in the tenant domain. If you have only only trunk for all tenants, then it would be okay if the tenant admin would see that trunk (give it a name like "SIP Trunk" or so). The PBX will rout inbound calls from that trunk automatically to the right tenant based on the DID number of the call. 

Some providers use only the IP address of the subscriber to identify the trunk. In that case, you would have to use the global trunk method to keep tenants separate. But trunk providers that support registration would automatically send the call to the right tenant.  

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