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Upload picture for extension problem


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i come across an issues regarding profile picture for an extension. i want to change picture for the extension (which already had a  picture attached to it) trough pbx by logging into pbx as admin. My first attempt when i click "browse..." button and select the desired pic was not successful. The ext pic become black (in pbx) and the picture in vodia app for windows 10 after i log into that user account didnt change (still display the prev pict). I found a solution in the forum stating about cache clearance which i had done during my 2nd attempt. Step i had done as follow;

  1. login into pbx as admin using mozilla browser
  2. enter the related tenant, then go to the desired ext.
  3. clear Mozilla browser cache by going to setting -> Privacy and security -> cookies and site data
  4. go the the ext, click "browse..." button and select the desired picture.

Another issue arise when i log into the user ext in vodia windows app for windows 10. The picture displayed still the same as prev 1. not the current picture that i recently change. i had try to clear cache files in my pc but still not successful. Is there any solution for this particular issue?

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I've already found the solution. Just go to  Apps in Windows setting (windows 10), then find Vodia Apps. Click Advance options then click Reset button. It will delete all the app data. Sign in again into the ext and the picture should be change to the current one.

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