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PIDF-LO not sending


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Well the big question is if your service provider supports PIDF-LO. Most don't. Before investing time into this you should double check if it would make any difference.

Most of the fines are not because of missing location information, they are because users are using caller-ID that don't belong to them (the location is already associated with the number). Some people think it's funny when it is clearly not.

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The main problem is that the location needs to be verified first. We do that with Bandwidth in a way that they generate the URL for the location, which the PBX stores along with the location information. In the case of an emergency call, it then includes the URL in the Geolocation header. There were previous versions of the PBX that included the PIDF document in the INVITE, but that had to be scrapped because of the prior validation and location precision (what is the point of providing location information if the user is actually somewhere else). I would not be surprised if VoIP Innovations will go the same route because the way it looks to me right now, the SIP client can send anything — which might cause additional trouble with the emergency response centers. IMHO I would go for the static registration of the address, if your users are actually using the PBX always from the same location.

If your users are using the app for calling 911 there is a much easier solution. The Vodia Apps can redirect emergency calls to the native dialer which sends the GPS location to the response center anyway. 

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VI does the same thing with locations. They have to be verified. If they are not, then PDIF is ignored. 

To confirm, PDIF in the invite is now scrapped? I need to know, so I can spend an afternoon updating all accounts with their e911 address in VI.

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If there is a way to bring back PIDF into the sip headers, that would be awesome.

90% of my customers simply do not care about apps. All they care for is a dial tone with an IVR lol. They all use physical phones.

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