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How to change color on user portal


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Hi there, I'm using Vodia version 68. Can you please tell me how can I change color from blue to orange on user portal. Please check the image, where it shows "TOTAL CALLS, INBOUND CALLS, OUTBOUND CALLS", on that banner the color is blue, I need to change it to orange.

Please click at below link to check the image, somehow I'm not able to upload. 



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This can easily be achieved the following way:

  1. Select a Tenant from Tenants list
  2. In the menu: Advanced -> Customize
  3. In the section "Please select a page you would like to edit" pick
    1. Type: Webpage(User)
    2. Page: css/user_portal_custom.css
  4. Copy paste this CSS into the textarea and press Save

background: orange !important;
.dashboard-status .stat-name{
color: #ffffff;
.dashboard-status .stat-value{
color: #ffffff;



.dashboard-status: sets background color

.dashboard-status .stat-name:  Values description color 

.dashboard-status .stat-value: Value color



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