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  1. Versioning has been fixed with the latest 3.5.3 version. We added a new mechanism that provides better App compatibility with the PBX by loading the version of the user interface that comes with PBX itself. That means, in order to get the latest features and potential bugs fixes a simple PBX update should suffice. This also means your customers don't have to update the app every time we release an update and makes troubleshooting easier. Linux and macOS links will be added soon.
  2. The easy way to see what app version you are running, is to right click on the installed app and it'd tell what the actual version is. As of today the latest version is 3.5.3. Starting version 3.5.0 app does an automatic match of interface with the PBX to provide better compatibility. Which means if you are running a PBX before the park orbit bug was fixed, you'd have to update the PBX to get the latest interface and functionalities. Hope that helps
  3. Park orbits issue has been fixed and should be available in version 66. In case you are using Windows app, update that as well.
  4. Link to the Microsoft Store for Business app: https://businessstore.microsoft.com/en-us/store/details/vodia-phone/9NTKSQFKC1ZT Microsoft documentation on how to manage and distribute those apps: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-store/app-inventory-management-microsoft-store-for-business
  5. @matthewl Can you use windows store for business to distribute the app? https://businessstore.microsoft.com/en-us/store
  6. Those are both Windows OS specific questions and unfortunately are out of our control: If you want to start the app on a boot up please check the following link: . https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026268/windows-10-change-startup-apps Windows app comes with options to minimize the screen, maximize the screen, and exit the app just like any other windows application. Minimizing the app will put it in the dock center and could be reopened by simply clicking the icon.
  7. Please check this thread for this:
  8. Ok, open a ticket, let's talk there
  9. Does it still have no information if you press on the ACD link again to refresh it (or any other method to reload the page)? We are still working on adding auto-refresh to this page.
  10. What's the build date for your PBX? Everything works just fine on the 66.0.3
  11. Thanks getmp3s, I'll make sure versioning is fixed for next releases. Also, from now on Windows App will no longer be updated automatically, users will have to trigger an update from the Windows store themselves.
  12. This feature is only available for the app installed directly from the Windows Store at the moment.
  13. Audio out is greyed out because there's no test for the microphone, and only there to show what devices is connected. The Windows OS audio test doesn't show any audio for the Vodia app since I imagine those screenshots weren't take during an active call. Unlike Windows OS, Vodia app doesn't keep microphone on all the time and only opens stream when needed (for obvious reasons). Is this issue just for the Audio page, or you are experiencing it with the mic during calls as well?
  14. Once you are in the ACD, live calls section switches to shows all the calls exclusively for that ACD. Which further could be expanded into the full screen mode
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