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  1. Very cool. Can't wait to try it out!
  2. Hello all! I have inbound fax to email setup for several of my customers but was wondering if there is any way to send outgoing faxes from email using the Vodia PBX? Several of my customers have asked for this service. Up until now we have used several ATAs (Cisco & Grandstream) for outbound faxing using cutomers' traditional fax machines with mixed results, but none have been what I would call reliable. Inbound faxing through the Vodia PBX however has worked great, so I'd love to be able to use it for outbound faxing as well. Let me know if anybody out there has set this up, or what you h
  3. Sorry I hadn't had a chance to post an update, but I also updated my PBX version to 66.0.6 as recommended, and it's still not working.
  4. I've got mine running on Debian64 on Google's cloud. I recently installed the a Single Tenant Vodia PBX on a customer's Windows PC at their request, I'm thinking I might try getting the transcriptions working on that to see if we can further narrow down the issue to the OS.
  5. My system is hosted in Google’s Cloud
  6. And I was still never able to get it working. I kinda kicked to the back burner because I wasn’t getting anywhere, but I’d definitely like to get it working for my customers
  7. Hello everyone. I have a customer with some existing Audiocodes MP-202 Fax ATAs which they would like to use on the Vodia PBX which I recently setup for them. I factory reset them and put in what I feel is all of the correct information to get them to register with the Vodia PBX, but they don't seem to be working. Looking at the log file, it doesn't appear that they are even attempting to register with the PBX. I found a past topic on this here: I followed the steps laid out by the user in this topic, but still no luck. Has anybody used any of these recently, and if so, would you happen
  8. I was wondering if anybody knows what the Vodia system sets the "Administrator Login" password to for the "Advanced Settings" area of Snom phones' GUIs. When I initially enter the IP address of the phone in my browser, I get prompted for a user name and password. Here, I am able to use the authentication user name and password which I set in the general settings area of my domain like usual. But when I go into the advanced settings of the phone, I get prompted for an "Administrator Login". The authentication password does not work here. When the phone is still in its original factory state, it
  9. I SSH'ed into my server, which is in Google's cloud when I ran this command
  10. Is the reply that I got from the server what I should have gotten, or is this not right?
  11. I ran it again without the https like this: wget speech.googleapis.com/v1/speech:recognize?key=AIzaSyD6XgI-eLss3oX3xl1cLSSUV6Nxg05jCXY and it replied with this: --2020-10-23 15:39:11-- http://speech.googleapis.com/v1/speech:recognize?key=AIzaSyD6XgI-eLss3oX3xl1cLSSUV6Nxg05jCXYResolving speech.googleapis.com (speech.googleapis.com)...,,, ...Connecting to speech.googleapis.com (speech.googleapis.com)||:80... connected.HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found2020-10-23 15:39:11 ERROR 404: Not Found.
  12. I ran that command, here's what it replied: --2020-10-23 15:33:52-- ftp://https/speech.googleapis.com/v1/speech:recognize?key=AIzaSyD6XgI-eLss3oX3xl1cLSSUV6Nxg05jCXY => ‘.listing’ Resolving https (https)... failed: Name or service not known. wget: unable to resolve host address ‘https’
  13. I ran curl https:speech.googleapis.com/v1/speech:recognize?key=AIzaSyD6XgI-eLss3oX3xl1cLSSUV6Nxg05jCXY and it responded with curl: (3) Illegal port number I'm assuming that's probably not what I want to see?
  14. Sorry, I'm still relatively new to this. What do you mean by: Is that something I would do in the firewall within my GCP interface? Or something I would do from a command prompt within SSH?
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