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Calls go to VM after only 2 rings with notifications on


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Hello all. I've run into an issue that when customers install the Vodia app for Windows on their PCs, if the app Notifications are turned on, calls to the extension got to VM after 2 rings. If we turn Notifications off, the calls follow the usual no answer timer for VM which is 20 seconds on our system. I've tested this on serveral PCs, Windows 10 and Windows 11, and it does the same thing either way. For now, the customer has turned notifications off, but they need to make sure they are listening for the audible ringing from the app because they don't receive the pop-up. This is an issue for them because they use USB headsets, and they don't always have their headsets on, so they end up missing calls, but the 2 rings is not enough time for them to answer calls when the Notifications are turned on. Has anyone else run into this issue?

We are running Vodia Multi-Tenant 68.0.32, hosted on Google.

Thanks everybody!

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