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  1. Bit of a bump but I've noticed that if you attempt to scan a QR code from Outlook while Outlook is in Dark Mode, Android devices won't scan and just return you to the login/scan QR page. Light mode Outlook scans first time, every time.
  2. Can confirm the same issue still exists with the latest Windows Store version (3.5.5) running against PBX 67.0.2. I believe the version of the PBX doesn't factor into this as the baked-in ringtone is the only ringtone you can use, and it's impossible to replace. ringer1.wav exists inside the ringtones folder, which is in app.asar, which is in the resources folder of the app. Replacing this file is not possible with the Windows Store version of the app due to folder permissions, and also not possible with the MSI version as it no longer rings afterward.
  3. Another feature request we've had from the users we've deployed this for is the ability to minimize to tray. I'd be pretty keen to see this also.
  4. I don't believe it's currently possible, but I'd love a feature where you could select a different audio device for the ringer, ie I use my headset for talking, and the speakers attached to my PC for when calls ring?
  5. I'm only seeing 66.0.6 in the update XML. Is 66.0.7 released?
  6. The app appears to have the one baked-in ringtone, that I would really like to change, however looking in the Settings I see the drop-down for Ringtone isn't populated, and is a blank list: Would be nice to be able to change that.
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