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2 Location to Set Call Forwarding in Windows App


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In Window app, there are 2 locations to set Call Forwarding which are, using arrow button next to DnD and under Settings-> Call Forwarding. Are both of these settings serves the same purpose or they have different functions? As i noticed, only setting for call forwarding using arrow button is working while the one under Settings does not work. If they have the same purpose, i think better just remove the one that does not work as it may rise confusion


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Hi, Syukri 

You have 2 sections the redirection icon show on the left hand next to the DND icon, this is a fast access to call forwading which is essential to the user. The call forwarding withing the extension setting are only a few forwarding features. 

try using version http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-68.0.16.xml  there was some issue with redirection where the number was not being reflected on the user settings of the extension. image.png




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