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  1. Here's an update if others Vodia operators are looking to limit the number of calls on the trunk, shown below.
  2. Hi, Vodia community If you have missed out on our Vodia speed training series, you can watch the video here. Vodia talks about how an Auto Attendant works and what cool new functions are avaible, the version used for this webinar is version 68, in which will be a major release for the Vodia PBX very soon! Enjoy!!
  3. Join CEO of Vodia Networks, Christian Stredicke in a discussion on the current state of the office phone.
  4. Hi DanielA This is a very simple set up, You will need a New Relic license key from https://newrelic.com/, you can then plug the license key in the vodia phone system. You should be able to see traffic coming vodia ---> New Relic If you run into to any issues, check the logfile in the vodia phone system https://doc.vodia.com/docs/admin-logfile
  5. Quick video on how the Vodia Desktop App overview.
  6. Thanks for the update, I was able to recieve and send SMS messages between the PBX and a smart phone. On version 66.0.7 Also is is the number in +E.164 Format in the extension SMS ANI section? Here's example log of an inbound call 8] 16:59:01.199 Receive SMSⓘ {"sms_id": "66d5b845-c4f5-4b49-a9b0-12dcff73a295", "direction": "inbound", "from": "+17814280365", "to": "+16177168432", "body": "Jack sparrow"} Could you turn on the following log files and try an inbound text. Then post the results here. Log webserver events Level 9 Log webclient events Level 9
  7. Hi, Kareem Is the user part of an agent group? Also can you make sure the SMS ANI is set on the extension level as well. Thanks
  8. Aquí hay un ejemplo de cómo extraer llamadas de los registros de llamadas. GET Request Request URL: https://yourPBX/rest/system/cdrs Reponse example 45265 of CDR Calls Request Size of the page Request URL: https://yourPBX/rest/system/cdrs?size=10&page=1 Reponse example [{"id":2409347,"call_id":"0_2516444334@","domain":160,"from":"\"Domini PIzza\" <sip:101@Hamlet.hostedi.am>","to":"\"917-805-9843\" <s
  9. Aquí hay un ejemplo de cómo extraer llamadas de los registros de llamadas. GET Request Request URL: https://yourPBX/rest/system/cdrs Reponse example 45265 of CDR Calls Request Size of the page Request URL: https://yourPBX/rest/system/cdrs?size=10&page=1 Reponse example [{"id":2409347,"call_id":"0_2516444334@","domain":160,"from":"\"Domini PIzza\" <sip:101@Hamlet.hostedi.am>","to":"\"917-805-9843\" <s
  10. Hola, revise este documento sobre cómo obtener una lista del usuario registrado a través de la API de Vodia https://api.vodia.com/node/39
  11. If you missed our webinar on Vodia on version 66 please enjoy this recording on youtube.
  12. Hi, Vodia community thanks for participating in last weeks webinar on the Vodia Apps. If you missed it, you can catch it here. Please subscribe to our channel as well
  13. Boston, MA and Coral Gables, FL (October 5th, 2020), VOIP America, Cloud Communication and Collaboration Distributor and Vodia Networks announce a strategic partnership in the Latin American market. Resellers and MSPs in the region can now rely on VOIP America to meet their demands. This incredible partnership strengthens Vodia’s presence in Central and South America, including hardware, software, support and certification training. To learn about this partnershipvisit us at https://blog.vodia.com/vodia_sapartner
  14. If you missed our Vodia webinar on version 66, you can catch it here at https://blog.vodia.com/vodia_v66
  15. Please review the following https://blog.vodia.com/telnyx_vodia_sms Lets us know how it goes. Best Regards
  16. Hi, Melanc You will need to purchase a .com or an xyz name, it doesnt realy matter, you just need a FQDN, with godadady you can pay .99 cents for a domain the 1st year and 14.99 anually, however that means you can point 100's of A records to your Vodia PBX phone system and then have let's encrypt create the certs for them. I would recommend checking this link out to give you a general idea how A records work with godaddy. https://www.godaddy.com/help/change-an-a-record-19239
  17. Hi, Murarano The Vodia PBX is just receiving a stream from a source, if you put a call on hold you will hear that stream. You can stream in the AA under IVR and choose the stream avaible and it's also avaiabel for the confrence room as well under the MOH drop down.
  18. VodiPBX listens on the RTP port you specify, BUT it only starts listening when you put a call on hold. Stream via VLC using: vlc http://[shoutcastip]:[shoutcastport] --loop --norm-max-level=5 --sout='#transcode{acodec=ulaw,samplerate=8000,channels=1,ab=16}:rtp{dst=[vodia IP],port-audio=[vodia MOH PORT]]
  19. That's too bad Vodia is not switching the web language at login. Ok, we will look into this and hopefully have a fix for you. Thanks!
  20. Hi, Impiantiel Can you try the procedure once more? https://doc.vodia.com/lang_installation Can you chcek under the Default IVR language setting in the domain setting, you should see the language pack installed list that are installed. Also you don't need to restart the VodiaPBX servvice after an upgrade or file upload. https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes630 Thanks
  21. Thanks, I'll need to see a SIP trace, can you provide a sample? Thanks
  22. Thanks for the update. Can you exactly tell what you have tested. For example when you make an outbound call what happens?
  23. HI, Travis Did you create an Elastic trunk? If not here's how... Termination URI Under Elastic SIP trunking create a trunk name under general, to name your trunk. Next is Termination, create a termination SIP URI, Name the Termination SIP URI for example (mycompany).pstn.twilio.com this SIP URI will be used for the outbound proxy of the trunk. Twilio also has localized Termination URI, You can use this based on your location, so with your newly created SIP URI you can also use mycompany .pstn.us1.twilio.com etc. {example}.pstn.us1.twilio.com (North America Virginia) {example}.pstn.us2.twilio.com (North America Oregon) {example}.pstn.ie1.twilio.com (Europe Ireland) {example}.pstn.de1.twilio.com (Europe Frankfurt) {example}.pstn.sg1.twilio.com (Asia Pacific Singapore) {example}.pstn.jp1.twilio.com (Asia Pacific Tokyo) {example}.pstn.br1.twilio.com (South America São Paulo) {example}.pstn.au1.twilio.com (Asia Pacific Sydney) Authentication IP access control List Authentication is used to authenticate the termination SIP URI IP address or FQDN Click on the plus button, Friendly name: My business name Add an IP address range: Your PBX IP address Friendly name: VodiaPBX and save Credential list: is used authenticate the user and password of the SIP URI Friendly name: mycompany.com User name: The user that will be passed when authenticating the SIP request Password: The password used by the user to the authenticate the SIP request Origination Here you will create the origination URI. Origination SIP URI: sip.mypbxbuisnessname.com can also be an IP address as well. This will be used to send traffic to the PBX, so if you don't have a FQDN you can always use your external IP address Click on the Plus button and create the (Origination SIP URI) could be IP address or FQDN Number Purchase a number from Twilio in order to get inbound and CID working. Once you have purchased your number you can point the number to your SIP trunk Creating the Twilio Trunk in Vodia PBX General Name your Trunk Type (SIP Gateway) Direction (inbound and outbound) Registration Account: User name created in the credential list Domain: SIP URI created in the Termination URI (mycompany).pstn.twilio.com Username: User name created in the credential list Password: Password created in the credential list Proxy address: SIP URI created in the Termination URI (mycompany).pstn.twilio.com Explicitly list address for inbound traffic (Optional) Routing Redirection You can choose to send calls to the Request URI or to a specific extension Number/ Call Identification Trunk ANI: Add your Twilio Number SIP Caller -ID presentation (Custom headers) Request-URI Value: Let the system decide From Value: Other <sip:{trunk-ani}@{domain};user=phone> To Value: Same as the Request-URI P-Asstered Identity Value: Don'use header P-Preferred Identity Valye: Don;t use header Remote-Party-ID value: Based on the incoming call Privacy Indication value: RFC3325 Rewrite global numbers value "Use + symbol at the beginning I hope this helps, I know Twilio among other providers can be complex at time...... Aldo check the attachment example. Thanks Twillio example.txt
  24. Hi, Community Here's some useful information on how use Zoiper with VodiaPBX https://blog.vodia.com/zoiper_qr_code
  25. Hi, Community I am sharing two links that may be useful for anyone that love and use the Cisco 3PPC series phone. Have a great and awesome weekend! Video on how to provision a Cisco 3PPC with VodiaPBX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmMyALrh7VA Vodia documentation on Cisco 3PPC https://doc.vodia.com/cisco_3pcc_provisioning
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