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SHOUTcast/Icecast stream as MoH


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Is it possible to use a SHOUTcast or ICEcast or some other stream media as MoH? or select a directory per domain wich contains wave files to play? (so for each domain other files can be selected and played randomly or something...).


What format are they supporting? Do they support RTP? What codec? G.711? Then that should be possible. You can also have more than just one RTP MoH source, and then you can assign it to different domains.

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Well the support only WMA or MP3 or Windows Media Streaming stuff.. www.shoutcast.com shows a list of known shoutcast servers.


Well, then you need something that converts this into plain audio. We ran a MP3 player that supported Internet radio for some time and had to find out that this thing had a memory leak that eventually brought the host down...

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