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Block phone number tenant wide


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Is there an easy and simple way to block the last phone number that called a tenant? I know there is *92 which will add the last call to the black list but that only adds it to the extensions personal address book and not the shared address book. If there was a way to add it to the shared address book that would work. But I have not been able to figure out how to do it. It needs to be super simple. Just press a BLF key that blocks the number for all users at once. Any idea or suggestions on how to get this to work?

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Hello WaveVoIP,

I can understand the idea of such a function. At this time, it is only possible in an extension with the authorisation (Settings/Groups) to store a contact in the domain under "Contact type" as a black list. This precludes an immediate reaction as desired here. However, a call from an unwanted number is rather an event that in the vast majority of cases does not occur so often during the day and I also think that this list (black list) should rather be used carefully. I have to say, in a larger company with hundreds of employees, where almost anyone could block phone numbers at will...., I don't want to think that through to the end.


With kind regards


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