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Redirection shows redirect target number when called internally


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Hey everyone,

I hope this is an easy one.
I'm having the issue, that internal calls (extension A to extension B on the same trunk) show the redirect target.

So: ext A calls ext B, ext A sees internal number of ext B in display, working as intended.
If there is a redirection setup on ext B, ext A sees the full number of the redirect target, not wanted.

Is it possible to change this behaviour, so that internal calls to extensions with active redirections will still see the called extension in the display, like external calls do?


Thanks in advance.

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I havent't checked the SIP invite yet, but here's an example.

I just setup a redirection to my mobile phone on extension 040. If I now call extension 040 from an outside number, another trunk or any mobile number, I will see the number which I've dialed in the display.
If I now log in to any other extension on the same trunk and call extension 040 (tested in app, browser and on SNOM phones), I will no longer see the extension 040 in the display of the device I'm calling from, instead it shows me my mobile number, which it is being redirected to.

I hope this makes sense now. :) 

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Hmm it's still not 100 % clear. There are a lot of displays involved! 

First of all, presenting caller-ID on a SIP trunk is a tricky and endless topic because every trunk provider has their own way (e.g. spoofing caller-ID). You might be only able to present numbers that are owned by you on the PSTN.

Presenting caller-ID on the VoIP device is easier. However, for example if you dial *00xxx, it is a feature that you will not see the actual cell phone number. 

Also the question is what version you are using.

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We're currently running version 68.0.28.

There's really only one display involved (the one on the phone, which is calling) and it shouldn't be based on the trunk provider, since it's only for internal calls.
Let me put it like this:   employee X wants to redirect all calls to his extension to a different phone, be it a cell phone or a land line, doesn't matter. He uses the redirect feature on the SNOM phone, which then adds the redirection to the extension on the pbx. So far so good, all working as intended. Now employee Y calls employee X and gets redirected. Employee Y will see in his display, the number he is being redirected to, employee X doesn't want his private cell phone number to be visible to colleagues though.

This works fine, if employee X is called from outside the trunk, any phone from outside the trunk will not show the number, to which it is redirected. Only extensions on the same trunk have this problem/feature.

I'm sorry if this is confusing, I've been trying to wrap my head around why this is happening, for 3 days before I asked here 😅🥲

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