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Vodia scaling and server recommendations


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We are currently preparing to pilot Vodia with the possibility of moving over 50+ tenants and 2000+ extensions.

I'm wondering what are the practical limits or recommendations for a single Vodia instance. 50 tenants, 100 tenants, hundreds of tenants? 1000 extensions, 5000 extensions?

Is 50 tenants and 2000 extensions considered a small implementation or is that typical? Is it common to run multiple instances to allow staging of upgrades and more stability or do most run off of a single large instance?

If anyone would be willing to share their experiences, I would appreciate it. I want to go down this road the right way.


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There are servers that have more than 30K extensions on it, however with a low usage in terms of actually having a registration and or making a call. It does not matter how those extensions are subdivided into tenants. As for active registrations, 2000 should be a good number and as for active calls, depending if they perform call recording, SRTP and transcoding, 200 should be rule of thumb. Of course it depends a lot on the CPU, but those numbers are for a reasonable modern CPU with two cores. 

Having multiple servers helps to not put all eggs into one basket but still maintain some efficiency with running. For example, if you have 100 tenants on one server, you need to perform only one software update instead of on hundred and you need to pay for only one VM instead one hundred. If you would double the number of tenants on it, the scale effect would improve only from 99 % to 99.5 % so that is why it does not make sense to totally overload a VM.

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