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bad user experiences with taking calls


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I see several random issues on several multi-tenant hosted VODIA servers (versions V68.0.26 & V68.0.28):


- A delay in the start of calls (it rings, we answer, the interlocutor does not hear the beginning of our sentence. We must mark a pause between the pick-up and the beginning of our sentence so that the correspondent hears the beginning).


- One-way audio cutouts during conversations.

- One-way communications after putting a call on hold or transferring a call to a colleague.

The vodia servers are hosted on different infrastructures (no performance problem).

The client firewalls are different (SIP ALG disabled).

Multiple SIP trunk providers = same problem.

The telephone sets are Yealink T42U or T43 or T46 and even Vodia phone under Windows.


Do you have any ideas ?

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If only those users are affected and other users are okay, it is usually their Internet connectivity. I would turn the PCAP on for those users and take a look at the RTP. 

If the problem is only with a specific SIP trunk, then that SIP trunk provider might have a problem. But this happens almost never. 

If all users are affected, the problem is likely with the server. You can check if the server run out of RAM, which can happen sometimes. If a restart solves the problem, you might have not enough memory on the server.

BTW 68.0.30 is available. 

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Thank you for the answer.

I updated to v68.0.30 on all servers.

This fixed some bugs, I don't know if it's the update or the associated reboot.


One of them, the one that was in v68.0.26 before the update, had a strange behavior that forced me to restore it from a backup.

Indeed, outgoing calls from SIP phones (Yealink) did not work (the correspondent heard us but we did not hear him).

Calls from the softphone were working...

rebooting the server had no effect.

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One way audio is almost certainly a problem with the firewall if other offices and devices are working. You could try to use TLS so that the firewall cannot intercept the traffic. You could also ask the user to move the Yealink phone to another location (e.g. different office or home) to see if that makes a difference. 

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