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Unable to Save and Apply Greeting File


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Hi we are  unable to save and apply a VM greeting file. The file has been recorded as to specifications and can play it when testing. However when we upload the file and save it, is saves but then disappears. 

Also does not show up for selection in the drop down. Have tried several browsers in case it's a browser issue, but it's not. Any suggestions from anyone?ScreenShot2023-04-22at10_50_11.thumb.png.fc9251b669bb38d1aab16a0100197c0c.png
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Can you try with a file e.g. from the audio_en directory? If that works, the format of your file does not work. It should be 8 kHz, mono, linear (16 bits/sample). 

On a side note, in version 69 user front end you can use the microphone to record the prompts now or use text to speech. 

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