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Hello. I notice that there used to be an official Vodia Docker image, but that it hasn't been updated in 4 years. Does anyone know if that's because Vodia doesn't work well as a Docker image? Or simply that no one wanted to maintain it?

I'm working on my Linux skills, and I'm learning Docker. I want to play with setting up Vodia in a Docker image for educational purposes if nothing else. However, if it doesn't work well, I'll find another project.


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There is no big point in using docker. If you want convenience, you might want to look into the EC2 image on the AWS market place. But if you want to spend one minute on the Linux command shell, just use the install.sh shell script.

For docker the PBX is a "unusual" service. A typical docker container will just open one or two TCP server ports. However the PBX will open thousands of UDP ports, which requires a relatively large number of networking resources on the docker system. Because of this, it's easier to use a virtual machine or even a bare bone instead of a docker container

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