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Installation via Debian without CLI Prompts


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We are looking to automate the setup process to easily deploy PBX servers but we are not able to get the servers to self initialize and install PBX because the new install-debian.sh script is stopping to ask:


# Please select the geographic area in which you live. Subsequent configuration
 => => # questions will narrow this down by presenting a list of cities, representing
 => => # the time zones in which they are located.
 => => #   1. Africa   3. Antarctica  5. Arctic  7. Atlantic  9. Indian    11. US
 => => #   2. America  4. Australia   6. Asia    8. Europe    10. Pacific  12. Etc
 => => # Geographic area:


Is there parameters or files that we can include to automatically preselect these options?


Also, here is our Dockerfile (we are not using docker specifically, but our hosting provider uses Dockerfiles to init servers)

FROM ubuntu

RUN apt-get update

RUN apt-get install wget -y

RUN wget http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/install-debian.sh

RUN chmod a+rx install-debian.sh

RUN ./install-debian.sh

CMD ["ps", "-C", "pbxctrl"]


Thanks in advance!


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