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Please kindly help on issue with Pick-up calls.


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New installation, I have a very critical issue for the customer. The *87 pickup does not work. What is happening: Assuming the mobile +1MOBILE is calling the external 100  +1-100.  The Ext 200 wants to pick it up. So the Ext 200 types *87100 to pick up the Ext 100. The user that called (mobile +1MOBILE) is getting the call answered but he listens total silence, the line does not drop. But the one that picked up the phone (Ext. 200) is getting CALL FAILED - BUSY HERE.  UPDATE: I don't know what I messed by trying to find the solution, now I get message "this feauture is not available at this time" (at the 200 that is trying to pickup.) More update: Again gives BUSY HERE *the device I pick up the other number (200 shows busy here when picking up 100). The caller (mobile) is listening to silence, keeps the line open.


I was thinking that there might be a config that is in the Groups, I tried to make another one, add only three phones, no change (with different setups). nothing.


What am I missing please?


Thank you all so much!


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if you test extensions to extension first always the best first step . you can use phones or the web panel . 

have extension 100 call ext 102 , while ringing have ext 103 dial *87102 , if it picks up with 2 way sudio then the system is OK , 

once you confirm that you can move to more advanced testing until you find the combination that is not working and resolve 

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