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Mac Based Provisioning (PnP) not working for all phones (System wide)


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We had to change VM from one provider to another, and was successfully done without any issues, however on the new system all things ok except the working mac based provisioning, now were not working on the new vm, despite its ablsolute copy. Suprisingly address book and rps were the only issues, however ldap/s were enabled on the firewall and it started working, but dont know how to get that to work for the remote provisiong PnP phones now. Any help appreciated. 

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VM = virtual machine? If you sent out the IP address as the provisioning address for the phones, you could use the RPS to set the new address. If that's the problem, is there an option to use your previous IP address? Otherwise it might get ugly and you would have to get into each phone and set the provisioning address manually again.

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