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Yeastar TG200


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Hello to everyone,

I bought a Yeastar TG200, SIM Gateway. This one is in the company, behind a router and port forwarding. I set it up and with a client on another site it's working perfect.

What I want is to configure this TG200 to work with Vodia.


Whatever  I try, I get "405 Method Not Allowed" in Vodia. Suddendly, 1 day before, it worked using Sip Registration in the trunk, but now stopped, can't make it work. I didn't change anything. It's strange though that anything I choose, I stil get the same message in Vodia (like it's stuck there?)..

Any ideas please? 

Vodia is in a cloud instance with WAN IP directly on the instance (VM), is working fine.


The challenge is how i can connect the TG200 with Vodia, i strugle 3 days continuesly.


thank you!

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In theory this should be just another gateway. If you are using port forwarding, it would be important that the gateway does not bypass the port forward and present a different port. This would confuse the PBX and explain why it behaves erratic. I would actually try to set it up without port forward and just keep the registration interval short enough to keep the NAT connection alive. If the gateway supports TCP or TLS, that would be preferable so that it would be obvious if the connection is alive. 

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