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Yealink Button Re-Sync Issue


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Good Evening,

I am having some issues with re-syncing my button layout to my Yealink T54W phone. I have setup a template on the PBX and assigned it to the phone. When I reboot or attempt a re-sync it does not update on the phone. The only way I can get it to do anything is to manually configure the buttons in the phone. I have auto provisioning setup and it is working correctly. Any ideas? I am currently testing before I go full production with it and this would be a major flaw in the system for me.


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Is the provisioning address on the Yealink set correctly? Or maybe do you have option 66 in the LAN interfering with the provisioning setup? Does it provision after a hard reboot?

I would definitively stay away from setting the config on the phone web interface, this will become a nuisance over the years of operation. It would be possible to remotely make the phones fetch the provisioning data, this will make your life so much easier. 

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Thank you for the quick response. It would not provision or update at all. I was able to get everything working today. It seems that the outbound proxy was not set correctly. Everything is updating and working well now.


I thought I had a Yealink Cloud Management account, but it seems that they never set it up. I have contacted them. I do have a Fanvil account and that provisioning worked flawlessly. Thank you!

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