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Trouble with Call Rates or Dial Plans


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I am just trialling vodia right now to see how it will work for us. 

We need to charge for all calls and i have setup call rates as per below

They mostly work but Im stuck on calls to 1300xxxxxx numbers. 

In Australia we have 1300xxxxxx and 1800xxxxxx and 13xxxx numbers. 
And I have all these calls working through to our trunks. 

I created the following caqll rates


and it automatically changes it to the following 


The mobile, local and national calls match fine but the freecall and OneThree numbers dont match 

I then tried to alter the dialling plan to format the outbound number to be in the format 


But i have had no lock trying to get that to work. 

In Australia everyone dials 02xxx or 1300xxx 

These are normally translated to +612 - by removing the leading 0 and adding the 61 or +61 
In the case of the 1300 - we either add 6 or +6  or we remove the 1 and add +61 (Same outcome) 

But i m really struggling to get the dial plan to do this 
I am not clear on how you remove a prefix 
I am not clear on what else is being done in the system 

When I dial 04xxxxxxxx from the app - the call is sent out the truck as +614xxxxxxxx

But my dial plan is  10;Global;;04xxxxxxxx;*;;false

But if i dial 1300xxxxxx  the call is presented just as that 1300xxxxxx@registrar.etc

and the dial plan for the 1300 is the same logic   20;Global;;1300xxxxxx;*;;false



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I think the issue here is that the PBX is not dealing with 1300/1800 correctly with the regex java script for Australia. 

It wants to add an area code in front of 1300 or 1800 numbers when routing it out, which is why when you set country code and area code on a domain and then try dial 1300 or 1800 numbers it won't work correctly, unless your dial plan or rates card accommodates it wanting to add an area code to that number. 

At the moment I don't set the area code on the domain just the country code, which works well for all numbers except for presenting 1800xxxxxx/1300xxxxxx/13xxxx and local numbers correctly formatted. 

Basically if you have area code and country code set on a domain and dial 1800123123 and your area code is 2 the pbx will make it 6121800123123

It needs to be fixed by Vodia, I posted about it here,

What you are experiencing with the re writing is the "domain number presentation". but even if your dial plan is set to Don't Rewrite, it still seems to do it any way, especially if there is any country or area code running on the domain. 

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