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transfer a call from Queue to RingGroup?


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I tried to send callers after a timeout of 60sec back to a ring group, but it does not work. Callers will be sent instead back to where they came from (an IVR Node).

If I replace the Destination with the number of an extension it will work.

Is this expected behaviour?


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The Call fllow is like this:
incoming call goes to a ring group (ext. 30), if not answered it is transfered to this IVR.

If there is no respone or if the caller presses "1" The call should be transfered again to the ring group ext. 30.
However, If i do this instead of "15" the call will not be sent to the ring group. Instead it will go to the IVR.



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Well you could probably also use an auto attendant for that.

Anyhow if you use an IVR node, the cryptical DTMF list can have a T entry (for timeout), like !T!815! and the duration for the timeout is in the "Timeout (secs)" setting. The E entry is used for end-of-audio. Also, make sure that you use a single space as separator for the cryptical list.

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