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License died without warning


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My customer has a monthly subscription to Vodia, renewing on the 1st of each month. They've been running 68.0.32 on an Azure VM for several months without issues.

This morning I came in to 142 emails from the phone system, one every minute or two since 4:37am:

Subject:  [Name] Phone System: Status change on trunk [Trunk Name]
Body: Trunk . This is a notification email. Do not reply.

Not a particularly informative message.

When I logged in to the system (for the first time in weeks if not months), I was taken to the license page, which told me I have "No license" but an "Active subscription":


I assume that the system was disconnected at this point (no trunk registration) but I didn't think to check.

The Activation code in the screen was already correct. After I clicked Save, the License status changed to show the license:


I received one more email with the message "[Trunk name] (2) changed to "200 OK" (1745 s)."

What happened? Is this a Leap Year thing, not expecting a 29th of February? Is there a way to get an email when there is a license issue and not just hundreds of registration emails?

Thank you.


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There was an issue with the billing provider that caused the issue for certain kind of licenses (it essentially said the license was not paid and not just no answer). It should be back up again. Not sure if they had an issue with a leap year, or some underneath API change triggered a domino effect. 

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