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Azure VM - no audio/calls help needed.


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Hi there, just reaching out to see if there are any settings in an Azure VM that causes our system to have no audio or dial out, firewall ?

We are in a trial period and testing, Azure is a total failure.
However, using another VM (not azure) with the same sip trunks and settings is working perfect.
We just disabled trunks between each during testing or just had one on each enabled, and have separate Yealink T54W phones provisioned, located at the same office.
The phones provision ok, but the Azure setup as mentioned no sound on either side when calling in, unable to dial out.

Both systems Deb 12, both latest Vodia version, standard default ports in usage.
Have changed port rules in Azure without any success so far, destination IP or any.
Located in AU, Azure VM also in AU.



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Is that a setting in the web management GUI or do I need to ssh and manually change settings?

I've changed to preset light gray default from "private public" to just public ? 
Do we need to add url's as well ?


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The screenshot shows the right location. If you don't put the polling address there, it will use the address that it learns when it checks the license server which includes the IP address from where the request was coming from. So if the IP address does not change, you should be good. 

If the calls connect properly thats a sign that the signaling works. You can take a look at the SIP call messages and the SDP attachments. if they contain the public IP address, the PBX is doing it right and then the question is if the ports are properly exposed. You can try turning on PCAP for an extension and e.g. call the mailbox with *97 and then check the RTP in the PCAP. 

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Posted (edited)


I have a pcap capture, but not sure what I should be looking for?
The settings between a known good VM and Azure appear identical, using the same trunks, but the AzureVM fails to dial out, "not found" error.
Both systems using mostly all default settings, no changes to ports etc.
Assuming a missed setting that I've not seen in the documentations - Azure specific?




Edited by Vodia PBX
Removed PCAP for privacy reasons
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Well the PCAP show that the number that you have dialed does not exist (removed the PCAP to hide the domain name and IP addresses)... This is not related to port forwarding. You might have to set up a SIP trunk and dial plan to get that working.

As for the media connectivity, just dial *97 to see if you can hear the mailbox announcements. 

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