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inbound and outbound dial plan


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hello all i've got a pbxnsip CS 410


i got 3 pstn lines and 1 mobile telluler pluged into the 4 FXO port on the pbx

im trying to setup a custom dialing rules that it route the calls from a specific FXO port regarding the dialed number


for example if i dial a number like 07x xxx xxxx which is the mobile prefix in my country Jordan i want the call to be out from the FXO4 port which i plug the telluler in


any help would be appreciated.

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i think this is a basic feature that should be included in the system. some companies like to control every little detail related to the phone system,

to make more usable dial plans or lets say outgoing call rules, the admin must be able to determine via which port to route the calls.


mostly it will be used as my situation; to control mobile or long distance calls to be routed throw a special co line


thanx for your interest, and i hope that this feature be applied soon.

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