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Roaming: Wifi to Mobile during call not working


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Vodia PBX: Version 69.2.2

If I am in a call using either the Vodia App on Android or a different client (acrobits android app) and the network connectiity changes from local lan (same lan as the PBX) to the mobile network (vodafone), the call will not continue after the change of network is detected. I get an email ike "Source address for sip:xxxxx has changed from tls:192.168.x.y:39992 to tls:80.226.x.x:43321". So, the pbx in theory knows where to send the audio. However there will be no audio received on the mobile device. I also tried this using a public IPv4 on the Vodafone Network.

I made a pcap of the call. In the pcap I can see the PBX is still sending all RTP packet to the previously used address.

Is this expected behaviour?

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There is a setting "Follow RTP" (in reg_rtpsettings.htm) for that. I guess this one is turned on? Then the PBX should follow the RTP. You should see a message like "Tuning to new SSRC from xxx" (log level 5, media).

The message "Source address for sip:xxxxx has changed from tls:192.168.x.y:39992 to tls:80.226.x.x:43321" is not related to RTP, this is about the registration, it is actually pretty useless if you have mobile device that change the IP address all the time.

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thank you.

However, yes this setting is turned on (I thought if the PBX sees that the enpoint has now a different IP it will try to send the RTP data there)

Is it possible that only a change from the internal IP where the PBX is located to an external IP will lead to a problem? i have not tried to roam form a foreign IP to mobile network.



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Thank you.

Ok. I have the pcap files.

I made two calls from extension 15 to 17. 15 uses the android client, 17 is in the local LAN. One starts with 4g, then the phone connects to Wifi. Another one, this time the call starts with wifi and moves to 4g. Both calls are made using the vodia client on android. For every call I include the log captured by the pbx for the extension 15, in addition a pcap file which is captured by running wireshark on the machine where the pbx is located is included.

For test purposes I used a static IPv4 on the vodafone mobile network, so it is easier to find the data related to the call.

What happens during the change of IP is that the call end in silence.

I encrypted the pcap files with 7z. I will try to PM you the password.



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