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Multi-Tenant Server - Windows or Linux?


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Hi Everyone, I will be setting up some new servers for our hosted Vodia platform, mainly because recordings are piling up, and more disk space is needed. I have smaller Vodia systems on prem on windows, and have had a couple of 1000+ user multi-tenant setups, but most of our own systems are on Linux, Debian to be precise. 


Does anyone have any opinion about which platform they would use? I have Server 2022 licenses kicking around, so the license cost is not a factor. 

I figure ease of manageability is a huge plus on windows, but uptime and security may go to Linux as the winner. I am looking forward to hearing other peoples opinions on it!



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It's mostly about your personal preferences. Every OS has advantages, but the most important one is that you know how to operate the server. Yes Windows has some license costs, but Linux can be hard to manage unless you are fluent in bash & Co. It it does not work for you, you can just move the working directory from Linux to Windows and from Windows to Linux; the directories have the same format so you are not stuck with your choice. 

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