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No web access after update to v68.0.37


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Hi all,

I've been on 68.0.30 for a long time and about 7 days ago updated to v68.0.37

I've now been made aware that clients are unable to log onto the web portal. When attempting, the username password area blinks and returns to idle looking screen, doesn't say incorrect password. I have tested on chrome and edge, both do the same and also add a question mark at the end of the URL after login attempt.

Interesting I can login from my laptop that I use daily but if I pickup another laptop next to me on the same network, that doesn't login. So I can see what the clients are experiencing.

Doesn't seem to be an IP address issue and I've check the blacklist. Again only seems to be since an update to 68.0.37


Anyone has similar?

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Do you have custom HTML pages for the login screen ? as 68.0.32 jQuery was updated to a new version, so your old custom pages will be referring to the old version and break like you have described.

You can only get in on your laptop because it's using cached data.. before you lose that quickly reset your welcome.htm and or user portals depending on what you have modded. 

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