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Call Forwarding showing wrong Caller ID


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I am running Vodia 69.2.4 with using Skyetel as my SIP Provider. I have been unable/unlucky editing the SIP settings so that when forwarding calls to an external numbers it shows the caller and not the Calle number.

Example - 419-419-1234 calls 567-525-6789 and is forwarded to our call center. The number that the call center receives as the caller ID is 567-525-6789 and not the 1234 number. 


I've played with Number/Call Identification settings under the SIP Trunk settings but no luck. Has anyone else have an idea on what the perfect setting would be?

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Some might have to look at your trunk settings or you might need to get some information from your SIP provider.

I've tested with v68 the most so my standard ANI rule on trunks is this: from-trunk:from ext-ani dom-ani trunk-ani

I don't think this should break anything for you for a quick test, but go to your trunks, edit the one you use for outbound, and paste it into your Regular ANI rule. So long as you don't have the CID being overwritten anywhere else, it should hopefully pass on the CID of the calling party after the forwarding.

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I use this on the trunk ANI rules, this also covers when an ANON call comes in and is then going out a trunk to find a user, say cell phone. 

from-cell:ext-ani from-trunk:!clip:from ext-ani dom-ani trunk-ani


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