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Sending "*" Star codes to analog lines using gateways


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CS410 OUT PULSING Control codes to Analog Ports.


When using the CS410 it will common for you to use new or existing ANALOG lines from any given Telecom Carrier. Historically Telecom carriers offered features codes on their analog lines such a CALL FOREWARD, CALLER ID Blocking and more. It was common to use the “*” Star DTMF character at the beginning of these codes. PBXnSIP internally processed these star codes and will not pass these to the ANALOG Ports.


Here is our standard method to pass these codes to Analog Ports using the CS410 and other Analog Gateways. Create a Dial plan that looks like this.


THE SEARCH string is 1167\*([0-9]*)@.*

The REPLACEMENT String is sip:\*\1@\r;user=phone


We’ve assigned the 1167 to be our key to allowing passing of star codes. To send the *67 Block Caller ID you simply enter 1167*67 followed by the number.

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