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Hello All,


i want to establish pbxnsip with turkish prompts. but the turkish prompt file can not be downloaded. i think it is missing.


so i want to record them myself. what i need is the content of each single wav file in the prompts.

















is going like this. but i need the exact english sentences of which wav files say. so that i can translate them and start recording in turkish.



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Thanks for the files. now the next step how will i install them? i put them into PBX folder, i restarted the system but still in the settings, i can not find a choice for turkish.


You mean that you see a directory audio_tr with the WAV files in it, but you cannot see the option in the web interface? WHat version are you running?


Last resort is to rename it to audio_sp and select "Spanish"...

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i have downloaded them the link above and then i put it into the PBX folder, which is the same folder that audio_en exists. so i restarted the server but still i can only see english.


Plus i backup the audio_en, then i removed it, then i renamed audio_tr into audio_en, and then again i restarted the system, but now, none of the wav files works. for example, i registered with an extension, then i called an extension which is not registered. i suppose to hear " ... please leave message..." bla bla , but i dont hear anything.


so i think ihave 2 problems. one audio_tr does not become a choice on the "http://xx.xx.xxx.xxx/reg_settings.htm" and also audio_tr files somehow does not work.


my version is 3 by the way, and it is runing on a windows machine.



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