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We have a problem with one of our installations. They have a service flag setup (700) which is used as the night mode on the main hunt group. Several of the phones subscribe to this (definied as an "extension" on a function key) so when night mode is on, the light is on. Unfortunately, this seems to stop working for some reason after a week or so and only a restart of the service seems to clear it, it's like the PBX stops sending out NOTIFYs to the phones. They then get annoyed because night mode is on, but they don't know it is, and their clients are all being directed to vm.... Any ideas why this might be? They're on the very latest version of the PBX exe (


They're phones are all on 6.5.10 firmware, we're trying v7 on a couple of our office phones as I know it has better options to show subscriptions, but it doesn't seem stable enough yet to try on clients...





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