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No Service Trouble

Bill H

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We have installed PBXNSIP in our office and everything seems to be working OK except that after awhile we see "No Service" display on all of the Aastra 57i phones.


It seems like a loss of Re-Registration trouble. The PBX Minimum Registration Timer is set to the Default value of 30 seconds and Maximum of 360 (Default value). Each phone is set internally to 0 for the Registration Period. This allows the pbx to establish the registration time.


Initially the phones come up OK, but after an undetermined amount of time they all stop working.


I used the Ethereal sniffer and can see the initial registration and re-registrations take place, but have not yet caught the trouble.


Is it possible that all 12 phones are trying to re-register at the same time (since the common timer is set by the pbx) and swamping the pbx?


As a test, we have changed the PBX Minimum Registration Timer to 120 seconds and have staggered the Registration Period of the telephones by 1 second to minimize the rush of registrations. We are waiting to see if this resolves the trouble.


Has anyone else seen a similar trouble, found a resolution or have any additional ideas of what items to test???


If any additional info is needed, please let me know.


Bill Hayhurst

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You can use the logging feature in the extension's registration to see when a phone looses registration. This is very useful to trace problems with registrations.


In Wireshark, you can filter by IP address (e.g. host during the recording, so that the file size stays low and you have a perfect snapshot of what is going on.

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