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We have a VoIP gateway that does not support auto answer (the agent must answer the call without the phone ringing). Is it possible to get the auto answer feature on pbxnsip such that the gateway is registered with it and any incoming calls are directed to the pbxnsip which enables the auto answer and the sends the calls to the gateway and the agents start the conversation?


I think some devices are available that can setup a permanent call between an agent (on the telephony side) and a SIP queuing device. The agent will then just receive the call rather than having to answer, the SIP device will normally make this work using a series of SIP REFER messages to transfer the agent between the holding pool and a real call. Most call centre applications work like this. Can you tell me if this can be acheived by using pbxnsip?



Ganesh Neelakantan

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No, if the call should be connected automatically, the other side must support auto answer. The PBX is flexible in signalling that, but there must be some way of indicating this.


I am actually not sure if that is possible at all in FXS, because the phone needs to pick up the line. Maybe you should look for an analog phone that supports automatic answer.

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