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transferring calls does not transfer CID


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When rx calls we get the proper called ID, but when we transfer the call, the caller ID shows up as a *601354.. Does anyone know why this is or how I can turn this feature off and have the caller ID transfered?


This is a general SIP problem. Are you using snom? There is a RFC for this, but most devices don't support it. snom has some bugs in this area, abut at least in principle it is supported.

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I too am waiting for a fix for this. Seems logical that when you pull a call from park orbit (regardless of method such as BLF or direct star code) that it should display the caller id associated with the party you are pulling from orbit. It's no fun having to ask "who am I speaking with" after they've already told you once before. It can be a little annoying for the caller.

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