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I'd like to set up a solution for the following request. The pbx Auto Attendand can be called over a 800-Number (Toll Free). Just by dialling a Direct Destination I'd like to be asked to place an outbound call, without asking me for my extension and pin. For a minimum security, the direct Destination is not an 1-digit but 4-digit.


I tried already:

- Calling Card Account as Direct Destination, but Disadvantage: For my view Ext/PIN Authentification cannot be disabled (Any idea?)

- Direct Destination set to *91-EXT-PIN but that wont work, I think the WIKI has a type-mismatch (http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Basic_Calling - Dialling an outside Number with Prefix *91. This feature Code is default set to 'Add white list'. Not sure, if the descried Feature is available at all anymore)

- Outbound loop call back to the pbx with ANI Number matching and providing me the DISA Menu. Works but waste line capacity and does have poor quality due to the echo on the additional loop call


Any ideas?

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I would use a calling card account for that. Then you could set up a bogus calling card with maybe two digits and a PIN of two digits and you would have the same effect.


However, for this solution you would have to get the 800 number somehow in the INVITE. Otherwise you have no chance to cut the 800-traffic off from the general incoming calls.

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