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Tapi fails after 1 ring


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I am running a system with xp and outlook 2003 with the tapi driver 1.1 The PBX is (Win32) When I click to place a call, the phone rings once, and before i can pick it up, it stops. I have the client's XP firewall set to allow TCP, and UDP 5060-5062. I have no problem dialing the exact same number directly from the phone.


I am seeing the following in the log file


[6] 2009/07/15 16:23:51: TAPI: Click to dial to 14193922384

[5] 2009/07/15 16:23:52: INVITE Response 503 Not Implemented: Terminate


[5] 2009/07/15 16:23:52: Not setting dialog state of non-existing call

port (call-id=84732f57@pbx#62701)

[5] 2009/07/15 16:23:52: INVITE Response 487 Request Cancelled: Terminate


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I believe it is network/computer related I tried connecting to the same server from a different computer at a different location, and it works fine. I will be taking my known good laptop back out to the customer's location tomorrow to narrow it down to the network. We did not design their data side of the network, so I am leaning towards that router as the problem.

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