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hunt group doesn't ring (when thru pstn gateway)


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We have (what i think) a pretty simple hunt group senario:


call --> pstn gateway --> 70-autoattendent: press 2 goto hunt group 521 --> 521-hunt group.


The extensions in hunt group 521 stage 1,2,3 never ring. It goes right to final stage. (which is vm)


Log says:

5] 2009/07/17 10:12:47: Identify trunk (IP address/port and domain match) 1

[5] 2009/07/17 10:12:47: Trunk PSTN Gateway (not global) sends call to account 70 in domain pbx.company.com

[5] 2009/07/17 10:12:50: INVITE Response 482 Loop Detected: Terminate 92d83276@pbx

[5] 2009/07/17 10:12:50: INVITE Response 482 Loop Detected: Terminate 9b9bb59b@pbx



What could this be?


pbxnsip - v3.3

patton 4114 gateway-pbxnsip config.



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Just to add more:

If i configure the patton 4114 to goto huntgroup 521 it works.


But how can it be made to work by NOT configuring it in the patton to goto a specifc pbxnsip account?




I am not sure whether you are still having issues with the "Loop detected". If you are, then there is a global setting called "max_loop". The default value for this is 5. You can set this to a higher number (say 10) and get out of this issue.

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