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I will be getting a system that is already setup soon and will need to install it on my network. I have a Cisco PIX 515 Firewall and will need to know what ports, or other items that will help me setting this up. I do not knwo what the current config is so I am looking on getting general information first, then I will ask specifics if I can not get it up and running. The network does have one IP address out of 5 that is external and is free to use if needed.


The system will also have Exchange server 2003 on it also. I would prefer to place it in a DMZ and dual nic the system.




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In general, you can move an installation by copying the working directory of the PBX. It is also good for backup reasons. Then in the new location, you can make the neccessary changes.


You should definitively take a look at http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Office_w...ic_IP_addresses. There you can also see what are the options to run the PBX so that you can access it from the outside and the inside of the office.

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